YouTube channel names: 120+ ideas and how to create your own

A compilation of YouTube Channel name ideas, tips and tricks.

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You’ve just come up with the perfect YouTube idea, and you’ve even started planning out your content. The only problem? You have yet to find the perfect YouTube channel name.

Whether you’re starting a new brand or creating a website, you might want a YouTube channel to accompany your professional growth. Determining your channel name can be daunting. To help you overcome this hurdle, we’ve created a compilation of name ideas, tips and tricks so that you can launch your channel with a successful foundation.

Want to pick a creative name right away? Get started with Wix’s YouTube name generator for creative new ideas.

What is a YouTube channel name and why is it important?

Many businesses focus on building a social media marketing strategy using platforms like Facebook and Instagram, overlooking the hyper-engaging tool that is YouTube. But since you’re reading this as a YouTuber or potential one, you probably know that starting a YouTube channel is a unique and effective way to connect with users and reach new audiences—especially if you’ve got a knack for video content. It can also help with brand awareness and reaching your target audience quickly and with impact.

A YouTube channel has an official name, just like a TV channel or radio station does. Your YouTube channel name will appear on your videos, your channel page, and in YouTube search results.

If you’re an individual creating a YouTube channel, use your personal brand’s name for this title. If you’re a business, it’s important to choose the right name when developing an effective YouTube marketing strategy. Your name must align with your company’s brand vision.

With that in mind, there are several different types of channel names to keep in mind: the name of a business, a person’s first and last name, descriptive names that highlight a particular topic, and names that use creativity and wordplay. Whichever name you choose, make sure it accurately represents your brand and help people understand your channel’s content.

YouTube channel name ideas

Use these naming ideas as guidance for your own brainstorm.

Creative YouTube channel names:

  • Channel Chatter
  • Weird N Wacky
  • Adventures of [Name]
  • Hoops I Did It Again
  • Don’t Peek
  • The Grapes of Math
  • Your Worst Nightmare
  • Hell on Heels
  • Miracle Makers
  • Game of Cones

Catchy YouTube channel names:

  • Beachy Bird
  • Forbidden Food
  • Up Ball Night
  • Captain Fun
  • Gen Z Club
  • EpicPlayz
  • DameWhoGames
  • The Chosen Ones
  • Jamba Juicy
  • Keep Your Twin Up

Unique YouTube channel names:

  • The Procrastination Pro
  • The Weird & Wonderful
  • The Cat Whisperer
  • The Science of Everything
  • The World According to Me
  • The Oddball Philosopher
  • The Rambling Reviewer
  • My Thoughts on Everything
  • My Ramblings
  • My Life in a Nutshell

Cool YouTube channel names:

  • Pillaging Pirates
  • Making Waves
  • Gladiator Riot
  • Short Circuit
  • Skater Baron
  • Champion Flossy
  • Chillwire
  • Cool Swag
  • Like a Boss
  • Lively Limitless

DIY YouTube channel names:

  • Creative Trove
  • Art Alert
  • DIY Dude
  • Creative Bazaar
  • Creative Ark
  • Designer DIY
  • Craftsform
  • Arttastic
  • Contemporary Handmade
  • Crafts Mosaic

Tech YouTube channel names:

  • Tech Arc
  • Techly
  • SkyTech
  • Texcellence
  • AccelerateTech
  • Techdo
  • LinkTech
  • Healthy Tech
  • Tech Connection
  • Techist

Business YouTube channel names:

  • Vibrant Business
  • Business Warrior
  • Businessly
  • My Business
  • Business Experts
  • Business Metric
  • Business Council
  • Business Disruptor
  • Business Central

Marketing YouTube channel names:

  • Marketing Shack
  • Marketing Legacy
  • Marketing Pathfinder
  • Future Marketing
  • Marketing Quest
  • Marketing and Co
  • Marketing Days
  • Marketing Hack
  • Marketing Atlas
  • Marketing Rank

Food YouTube channel names:

  • Healthy Food
  • Vibrant Food
  • Food News
  • Foodist
  • Food Library
  • Creatively Food
  • Westside Food
  • Food Warrior
  • Foodadora
  • Contemporary Food

Travel YouTube channel names:

  • Travel and Tasty
  • Travel Experts
  • Atlantis Travel
  • Enchanted Travel
  • Budget Adrenaline
  • Travel Days
  • Trip Tiger
  • Travel Splash
  • SimplyTravel
  • Travel and More

Lifestyle YouTube channel names:

  • Sunrise Lifestyle
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Lifestyle Soul
  • Lifestyle In Color
  • Creatively Personal
  • Lifestyle Library
  • Lifestyle Advantage
  • Real Mom Lifestyle
  • Paleo Family Lifestyle
  • Lifestyle Bear

Fashion YouTube channel names:

  • Exotic Fashion
  • Cutesy Clothes
  • Progressive Fashion
  • Fashion & I
  • Carefree Clothes
  • Fashion Registry
  • Bohemian Bahamian
  • Happily Ever Beachy
  • Contemporary Urban
  • Thrift’s Hangout

YouTube channel names

You can also use these real-life YouTube channel names as inspiration. As you read through this list, think about what makes them catchy, creative and compelling. Do they use creative spelling? Wordplay or alliteration? Or do you like their informative and straight-to-the-point styling? The titles below have many elements that comprise a good YouTube channel name:

01. PewDiePie

Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has monetized his YouTube channel and become one of the platform’s biggest stars. His stage name is catchy, funny, and memorable–a winning combination for one of the most popular YouTube channels in the last decade. Kjellberg, a gamer and comedian beloved for his Let’s Play videos, noted that pew represents the sound of lasers and die refers to dying in a video game. So why’d he add the suffix pie? According to sources, it’s because he loves pie! Not only does the channel name rhyme, but it’s also quirky and relatable.

screenshot of pewdie pie youtube channel name and page

02. Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time is a Canadian YouTube show famous for its meaty, indulgent meals. As the channel name suggests, the videos embrace excess–from the world’s largest lasagna to a 20-pound meat lover’s sushi roll. The simultaneously straightforward and goofy name tells audiences exactly what content to expect while also clarifying the videos will stand out from the basic cooking shows. Plus the compelling use of the word epic hypes viewers up for the content—who would want to miss something epic?

screenshot of epic meal time youtube channel name and page

03. 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts fills their YouTube channel with fun DIY projects. This eye-catching and clear YouTube channel name proves that a straightforward title doesn’t equal a dry one. This clickable and compelling name promises short, easy projects that anyone can do.

screenshot of 5 minute crafts you tube channel name and homepage

04. Screen Junkies

YouTube channel Screen Junkies offers creative takes on film and TV that include parody, thoughtful commentary, original series and more. The catchy, casual and fun name makes it clear what content the channel covers. The relatable title also appeals to their target audience of viewers and creators—a community that self-describes as “screen junkies.”

screenshot of screen junkies youtube channel name and homepage

05. Marques Brownlee

While creator Marques Brownlee started his YouTube channel under the name MKBHD, he pivoted to use his first and last name after gaining more than 15 million subscribers. His former name is just as striking because it’s a concatenation, or a stringing together of his initials (Marques Keith Brownlee) and the acronym HD (high definition video). Both full names and concatenated titles make strong choices for any YouTube channel name.

youtube channel name and homepage of marques brownlee

How to name your YouTube channel: 12 effective tips

  1. Start with a YouTube name generator
  2. Choose a channel name category
  3. Describe your topic
  4. Use name modeling
  5. Experiment with wordplay
  6. Make it memorable
  7. Keep it short and simple
  8. Consider global translations
  9. Avoid numbers
  10. Don’t forget to capitalize
  11. Check availability
  12. Be ready to grow

01. Start with a YouTube name generator

The first step in determining a channel name is to go to this YouTube name generator. The generator will point you toward creative YouTube channel names, and will help you discover interesting adjectives, suffixes, and other elements to build upon.

Begin by typing a single word into the name generator–one closely aligned with your channel’s theme. From there, you can narrow your search by typing in your specific industry or field, whether you’re a photographer, a horse trainer, or a thrift clothing retailer. The result? Catchy, intriguing name combinations that you can adopt right away or use for inspiration.

02. Choose a channel name category

While you play around with the YouTube channel name generator, don’t forget to choose an overarching name category.

YouTube channel names fall into five main categories:

  1. Name: This includes channel names like Marie Kondo or Marques Brownlee, as in the example above.
  2. Brand: These tend to include business and company names, like Nintendo and Vanity Fair.
  3. Category: These names state your channel’s category or niche, such as 5-Minute Crafts and Top Hits Music.
  4. Descriptive: These names use adjectives and other descriptive words, such as Tasty and Epic Meal Time.
  5. Creative: Other names center around nonsense word combinations or wordplay, such as Cocomelon and Pewdiepie.

Whether you opt to stick with the generator or come up with the name yourself, thinking categorically can help point you towards your desired name.

03. Describe your topic

Even the wackiest names should still indicate the channel’s content. That said, your channel name shouldn’t be dull and flat, either. You’ll want to strike a balance between the creative and the descriptive.

To do this, list the first words that come to mind when considering the YouTube video ideas you’d like to include on your channel. These can either explicitly state or just hint at your channel’s topic. For example, a channel about indoor plants doesn’t necessarily require the word plants; it might instead include words like greenery, jungle or oasis.

Next, take a similar approach with adjectives. What words best describe your channel’s style? A common choice is the slang word epic, indicating that the content is particularly impressive or larger-than-life.

You should also consider the connotations of these words and the emotions you want to evoke. The word epic is far more striking than the word impressive. It’s casual and fun, exciting the viewer, building their anticipation, and getting them to click. As you brainstorm, get creative with your choices by coming up with synonyms for the words on your list.

Tip: Once you’re done brainstorming, keep your list of words on hand, as they may help guide you to important keywords. Once you know how to upload videos to YouTube, you can use these keywords in the titles and descriptions. This will be important for building your YouTube SEO.

04. Use name modeling

You can also find patterns in existing channel names that you enjoy. Think about the features of these names that make them stand out. These might be:

  • A fusion of two words
  • A pun
  • Alliteration
  • Concatenation
  • An ending or suffix, like -ly or & Co-
  • The name of an animal
  • The inclusion of a first or last name
  • A unique spelling

The patterns you see will help you understand what kinds of names you like best. Use these as guidelines when creating your own YouTube channel name.

05. Experiment with wordplay

Wordplay never fails to make for a striking YouTube channel name. Think of literary devices you could use, whether it’s a catchy alliterative phrase, a clever pun or memorable rhyme. If you need a jolt of creativity, this pun generator can help you get started.

06. Make it memorable

If your YouTube channel name is generic or vague, it won’t capture your viewer’s attention. To create something catchy and clickable, you’ll need to add a unique, personal twist.

Do you have a nickname you want to include? How about a favorite personality trait, hobby, animal or inside joke? Experiment naturally incorporating these elements into your channel name ideas. While you shouldn’t use these at the expense of relevance or clarity, combining them with more descriptive language can create a standout name.

07. Keep it short and simple

Part of creating a successful YouTube channel involves keeping the name relatively short, as viewers can easily forget longer names. While YouTube allows names of up to 60 characters, that’s far too long to be catchy and effective. Ideally, you should aim for a maximum of 2-3 words.

Relatedly, you don’t want to overcomplicate your name’s spelling, as this will not only make it harder to search for your channel but also be confusing for people to pronounce. There are exceptions—the name Marshmello, for instance, is memorable precisely because of its unusual spelling. Feel free to play around with the spelling, but keep it simple and unconvoluted (Marshmelleau, for instance, would be too much of an eyeful).

youtube channel name example by emily fox

08. Consider global translations

YouTube viewers live all around the world, so you’ll want to make sure your channel name doesn’t include words that are inappropriate or off-putting in another language (see Wix’s street interview in Germany for a cheeky reference). Whichever name you choose, do some quick research to make sure it won’t offend anyone on the opposite side of the globe.

09. Avoid numbers

If your desired name is taken, you may be tempted to just add some numbers to the end and call it a day. This, however, isn’t a great strategy, since it makes your own brand less memorable and looks unprofessional. Instead, brainstorm some more and try to come up with synonyms to create a unique YouTube channel name.

10. Don’t forget to capitalize

Proper title capitalization instantly makes your channel more eye-catching and professional. Consider the difference between the channel names spiderman versus SpiderMan, or creative kitchen versus Creative Kitchen. If you were browsing YouTube, which option would stand out more?

Capitalization is also effective when merging words together. Think about the difference between the names Tech Growth, techgrowth, and TechGrowth. The latter looks snappier and more clickable.

11. Check availability

Of course, you don’t want to accidentally copy an existing YouTube channel name. Do a quick Google search to see if a channel already uses your desired name. This will also point you toward names that are too similar, even if not exactly the same. Let’s say, for instance, that you want to use the channel name The Vegan Diet. Even if available, Vegan Diet may already exist–and that’s far too similar to make yours unique.

Also check if existing brands, websites or social media channels use your chosen name. This will prove particularly useful if you expand beyond YouTube.

12. Be ready to grow

While your YouTube name should be descriptive rather than vague, don’t limit yourself. If your name focuses on too specific a topic, that might inhibit you from expanding your types of content later on.

For instance, if you enjoy reviewing comedy films, opt for an all-encompassing title like “Epic Film Reviews.” By staying away from a genre-specific channel name, you give your channel room for expansion.

If you put in the work to be a successful YouTuber, expect your channel to grow in popularity. When coming up with the right name, consider the ways your content might evolve over time to make your channel scalable.

Tip: As your YouTube channel grows and you create more videos, try using Wix’s free and unlimited video maker powered by Vimeo to help scale your content. Or Wix’s youtube title generator for video titles that encourage users to click through.

How to change your YouTube name

Are you unhappy with your current channel name? Or maybe you thought of a better one? You can change your YouTube name relatively simply. According to Google, you must:

  1. Sign into YouTube Studio, Google’s creator dashboard
  2. Select “Customization” from the left margin menu
  3. Toggle to “Basic info” under the horizontal menu bar that appears
  4. Click the pencil symbol to open edit options
  5. Enter your new desired channel name in the “Name” field
  6. Click the “Publish” button on the right of the horizontal menu bar

While the changes will take automatically, YouTube states that “it may take a few days” for the new name to be displayed across the platform.

YouTube Channel names FAQ

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