Staying Healthy This Season with Desert Essence

I feel like every year once the kids go back to school, I have to be more careful about germs. As temperatures fall, all of the indoor areas just become full of germs! We do our best to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and, of course, keep our hands clean. With three busy kids and lots of activities, it’s not always possible to wash hands as often as I’d like. So, we use Desert Essence probiotic hand sanitizers to clean our hands and keep those germs away!

I received complimentary samples of Desert Essence from Mom’s Meet. All opinions are my own.

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These amazing hand sanitizers kill 99.99% of germs. Desert Essence products use natural extracts and essential oils like tea tree, thyme, elderberry and echinacea to help reduce bacteria. While they’re keeping the germs away, they also help your skin nourished using probiotic-packed kefir! Their patented technology protects the probiotic without neutralizing the santizer. The probiotic thrives while the bacteria is wiped out! You just put the product in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together briskly until they dry. It takes only about 30 seconds!

I love how they don’t dry out my skin like other hand sanitizers, and are just as effective!

I like to keep the small travel sized bottles with our backpacks. The first thing I make the kids do when we get in the car after school is sanitize their hands.

I take a bottle to work, too!

My favorite place to keep hand sanitizer is right inside the door from our garage. If we have been out running errands, we can stop those germs from coming in the house!

Where to purchase Desert Essence products

Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizer is available to purchase at Visit for the full list of locations. They are also available on Amazon. The small travel bottles typically retail for $4.99 and the large bottles for $9.99. Make sure to use promo code DEprobioticpower to save 30% at

Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizer

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