Discover How to Make Your Own Hair Detangling Spray

If you suffer from hair brushing battles like we do, you’ll want a great detangling spray available. Making it yourself is more cost effective and more natural than the store bought versions. I can’t wait to share this DIY hair detangling spray recipe with you. It’s made with essential oils and smells wonderful! You’ll also want to check out my favorite detangling brushes!

Make Your Own Hair Detangling Spray

Hair Detangling Spray Supplies:

Hair Detangling Spray Supplies

1/8 cup distilled water
1 teaspoon glycerin
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon aloe vera gel
3-4 drops argan oil
10-15 drops lemon essential oil
10-15 drops lime essential oil
10-15 drops orange essential oil
Spray bottle

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Hair Detangling Spray Instructions:

Step 1: In a small mixing bowl, add distilled water and glycerin. Glycerin helps condition and soften your hair. It also lubricates the hair to make brushing easier.

Step 2: Add apple cider vinegar, which helps remove reside build up and makes hair shiny.

Step 3: Add aloe, which also conditions and softens hair. It also can promote hair growth and relieve itching.

Step 4: Add argan oil, which moisturizes and nourishes hair. It helps repair hair that is dry, damaged or frizzy. IT also makes hair shiny and can help comb or brush through the hair easier.

Step 5: Add essential oils. Feel free to mix it up with your own blend. I suggest lemon, lime and orange. Lemon oil helps keep hair clean and soft. It’s great if you have hair that tends to be oily. Lime essential oil helps reduce dandruff and helps alleviate dry scalp. It also reduces frizz and helps make dull hair look shiny and vibrant. Orange essential oil moisturizes your hair and leaves it smelling fresh and clean!

Step 6: Whisk everything together

Step 7: Using a funnel, add mixture to spray bottle. Top with ball and lid.

Spray on wet or dry hair to help calm tangles and make brushing easier.

Make Your Own Hair Detangling Spray

DIY Hair Detangling Spray

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