In 1997, Tulip Global Trade (the website’s owner) was founded in Cairo, Egypt, as a trade organization for imported home accessories, particularly those from Spain and Italy. The company had to be terminated after 8 years of successful operation in the local market due to a change in the environment. Alternatively, we chose to incorporate the same-named company in Delaware, USA, in 2005 and made the decision that it would only engage in online activities.

The three owners, who are engineers, focused on studying website design and e-commerce and received diplomas after finishing the required courses. The company’s websites have been created utilizing a variety of software tools, and we chose blogging and e-commerce as the major activities. Our blog websites have been very popular, and two of the three managed to amass about 60 K subscribers each. However, the e-commerce websites did not fare as well for a variety of reasons related to the difficulty of moving goods across borders, particularly with the sudden changes in local and international rules. In order to accommodate this new orientation, we implemented the dropshipping concept and updated our websites.

Due to the global market downturn over the past few years, we have recently been forced to add affiliate marketing to our internet activity.

We encountered many different types of challenges over the course of our more than 17-year journey, including spam, shiny object syndrome that cost us thousands of dollars, the use of numerous software tools for the majority of online activities, and the periodic adaptation of our business plan to fit every time period. As a result, we gained knowledge of what is a good use of time, energy, and resources and what is not.

Currently, Tulip Global Trade has the following websites:




https://tulipglobalgroup.com       (Under Re-Building)

https://happylifetarget.com         (Under Construction)

We are very delighted to share the outcome of our online journey with all of you through the content of these websites  

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