80+ food blog name ideas

A compelling food blog name can be an effective branding tool, encapsulating the essence of your culinary journey and attracting readers.

food blog name ideas

Whether it focuses on the latest food trends, travel adventures exploring diverse cuisines or personal recipes and cooking tips, a food blog is a great avenue for culinary self-expression and for building a community of like-minded foodies.

When starting a blog or making a website, choosing the right name is one of the first things you’ll need to do. A compelling food blog name can be an effective branding tool, encapsulating the essence of your culinary journey and attracting readers. It’s what makes your blog memorable and distinguishes it from the multitude of food content available online and within the blogosphere.

With all of this in mind let’s explore the steps you can take to pick the perfect blog name that resonates with both you and your future food-conscious readers.

80+ food blog names

Choosing the right name for your food blog plays a crucial role in establishing your brand identity and building a connection with your audience. For inspiration here’s a compilation of food blog name examples spanning from professional to quirky and funny to unique.

Professional food blog names

Quirky food blog names

Funny food blog names

Unique food blog names

Professional food blog names

1. GourmetGazetteer

2. CulinaryChroniclesHub

3. EpicureanEssentialsBlog

4. The GastronomicGuru

5. TasteTravellerTales

6. SavorySymphony

7. EpicureElegance

8. FlavorFusionBlog

9. CulinaryCraftsman

10. GourmetGastronaut

11. Success in Savor

12. CulinaryCharmers

13. FoodieFinesseBlogger

14. ElegantEpicureans

15. PoshPalate

16. CulinaryCatalystHub

17. EpicureanExcellence

18. GourmetGleamBlogger

19. CulinaryCraftDaily

20. SavvySavorerStyle

Quirky food blog names

1. WhimsicalWokWonders

2. The QuirkyCuisineChronicles

3. FunkyFlavorFiesta

4. OddlyOliveOfferings

5. WhimsyWokWavelength

6. QuirkyQuinoaQuests

7. PeculiarPlatesParade

8. ZestyZestZara

9. QuizzicalQuirkQuests

10. OffbeatOvenOdyssey

11. WhackyWaffleWhimsy

12. BizarreBanquetBliss

13. EccentricEpicureEase

14. UnusualUmamiUtopia

15. FunkyFoodieFiesta

16. QuirkQuotientCuisine

17. CuriousCulinaryChronicles

18. WhimsicalWineWave

19. QuizzicalQuinoaQuests

20. KaleidoKaleidoscopeKitchen

Funny food blog names

1. LaughterandLettuce

2. Chuckles & CheeseChow

3. GigglesGastronomyGazette

4. The SassySpiceSpoonful

5. ChuckleChopChic

6. HahaHotpotHaven

7. GuffawGourmetGlam

8. SnickerSizzleStyles

9. JestJunctionintheKitchen

10. WittyWokWhimsy

11. LaughLagoonLunches

12. HumorHarvestHavens

13. QuipQuestQuarters

14. SassySnickerSauces

15. JestfulJiveintheKitchen

16. PunnyPalatePulse

17. GrinGroveGastronomy

18. HilariousHarvestHabits

19. ChuckleChaseChef

20. ComicCrazeCulinary

Unique food blog names

1. BohoBiteBlissBlog

2. EtherealEdibleEdges

3. SereneSavorSequences

4. VelvetVignettesVegan

5. KaleidoKuisineKraze

6. SatoriSipsandSnacks

7. VelvetVistaVegabites

8. QuillQuestQuinoa

9. LyricalLunchLuminary

10. EmberEpicureEcho

11. ZenithZestZestfulZest

12. PonderPaletteofPalates

13. EtherealEssenceEdibles

14. VerdantVeganVirtuoso

15. EnigmaEpicureanElegance

16. WhimsyWokWavelength

17. MystiqueMingleMeals

18. CelestialCharmCuisine

19. EclipticEdibleElysium

20. NebulaNectarNosh

How to choose a food blog name

Naming your food blog means considering several factors to ensure that your chosen name authentically represents your brand and resonates with your target audience. These include:

01. Take into account your blog niche

Start with your blog’s niche, the specific area or food topic you’re be focusing on with your blog. This could be vegan recipes and restaurants, gourmet and fine dining or the ever-popular budget-friendly cooking tips;

Once you’ve clearly defined your food blog’s niche, you’ll be ready to think of food blog names around it and which reflect your specific niche.

02. Understand your target audience

Next clearly identify and understand your target audience as you’ll want to tailor your blog name to resonate with their culinary interests. Consider whether they are home cooks, foodies, or health-conscious individuals as this will influence the name you choose.

03. Use a blog name generator

A blog name generator can be a useful tool if you need inspiration for your food blog name. These online tools are able to generate a variety of names based on keywords related to your food niche and can help you choose the best name for your blog.

04. Brainstorm ideas

Whether you use a name generator or not, it’s always a good idea to brainstorm words and concepts related to your food blog’s theme. You can practice combining them and using them in different ways to come up with a unique name.

05. Don’t neglect your branding and social media

Check that your chosen blog name is available across various social media platforms before confirming is as you’ll want to make sure your branding is consistent across all of your online assets.


06. Register your food blog name

Once you’ve decided on the perfect name, register it to establish your online presence. Check domain availability and register your domain through a trusted domain registrar.

If you create your blog with the Wix blog maker, you can secure a domain name, hosting provided is included and you can start a blog for free.

Food blog name examples (all built on Wix)

Journal of a Functional Foodie

This food blog name uses a play on words in different ways to create it’s unique and memorable name. The use of the word journal, to suggest an old school style of blogging is creative, while the use of alliteration is creative.

LA Foodie Panda

This food blog name includes its location in its name, making it clear where the majority of its target audience are, or where the food blogger themselves are based. This name also effectively conveys a lot about the style and vision of the blogger behind it.

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