8 best AI business name generators

Need a name for your brand new business venture? The best AI business generators can do the brainstorming for you.

AI business name generators

Standing out amongst the competition is vital if you want to succeed in business. This is one of many reasons why you need to be clever when it comes to choosing your business name. A business name should be memorable, catchy and original. It should also accurately reflect your products or services. After all, a business name is your chance to make a lasting first impression on potential customers.

AI-powered business name generators can help you ideate as you move through the process of creating your name. Think of them as assistants with giant brains who have vast stores of data to draw from. There are many AI business name generators available and most are free. To save you the time and effort of combing through all of them, we curated a list of our favorite free tools—starting with our own, of course. 

Harness the power of AI to help choose your business name with Wix’s business name generator. 

8 best AI business name generators 

  1. Wix
  2. Squadhelp
  3. BrandCrowd
  4. Looka
  5. Namelix
  6. Renderforest
  7. Panabee
  8. Hootsuite

01. Wix

The Wix business name generator is powered by open AI technology and has one job it’s exceptionally good at—coming up with unique, memorable and industry-specific name ideas for your new business. 

The business name generator is easy to use and 100% free as part of Wix’s commitment to eliminating barriers for those looking to ,start a business. So, even if you’re at the earliest stages and haven’t even thought about ,how to create a website yet, you can explore as many name ideas as you want—the tool can tailor name suggestions to your specific business type, with 21 different industry categories to pull from. Try experimenting with A/B testing or play with different iterations to refine your business name ideas without worrying about sunk costs.

Wix’s business name generator is just one component in an entire suite of tools for building a cohesive brand online. Once you know how to name your business (and before you take the next steps to ,trademark your name), you can seamlessly integrate your new name into the Wix website creation flow. Check if your desired ,domain name is available, purchase said domain, use the free ,logo maker for a professional design in minutes and you are off to the races with the foundation for a brand new business.

Key features of Wix:

  • Tailors name suggestions to your business type from 21 industry categories
  • Designed to seamlessly integrate your new name into your website creation flow
  • Part of a comprehensive suite of free branding tools, including a logo maker and domain name checker

Price: Free

Sign up with Wix and set your new business up for success.

Wix business name generator

02. Squadhelp

Squadhelp is a straightforward AI-powered business name generator that works by providing a list of business names based on a user-generated prompt.

The bare-bones interface is very simple to use; there is just one search field for Squadhelp’s business name generator which prompts you to describe your business type. The tool then takes a few minutes before it comes back with various names paired with colors or logos, or both. 

When you get your results, you can make further tone suggestions to refine them. Some options might include modern, evocative, classic, witty and edgy. Squadhelp pairs each generated name with a “domain name available link.” When you click the link, you can purchase the business name as a domain. 

Key features of Squadhelp:

  • Pairs name suggestions with logos and color schemes
  • Lets you make tone suggestions to refine your business name
  • Offers additional name generator algorithms with results based on industry, keyword or emotion

Price: Free

Squadhelp Business Name Generator

03. BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd’s AI business name generator works by describing your business using natural language (e.g., garden landscaping in the Hudson Valley). It then provides a list of around eight possible names based on the prompt.

When you get your results, you can refine the generated names by length (short, medium, long) or style (modern, professional, creative, funny). Each generated name is also paired with a selection of editable suggested logos and color schemes. They can be further customized via an online editing tool or downloaded.

If you select “more logos” after generating the initial list of logos, you can further refine your choices by applying style and color filters (e.g., vintage, orange, etc.). 

Key features of BrandCrowd:

  • Uses natural language to generate name options
  • Lets you refine your results by length or style
  • Generates logos that you can customize via online editing tool

Price: Free

BrandCrowd AI Business Name Generator

04. Looka

Looka’s AI business name generator prompts users to enter a keyword or industry and choose a name up to 20 characters long. As with all the tools that made our list, Looka’s tool provides a straightforward search field to input a keyword or phrase about your potential business.

As your results populate, a unique feature is that each name can be clicked on to see what the current keyword search volume would be for that given name. You can then see what types of domains are available around a specific business name. 

If you want to refine your results—maybe “garden” is a bit overused when it comes to business names—the tool will provide you with a list of related terms you may not have considered (e.g., estate, patch, yard, orchard, etc.). This helps get you thinking outside of the box.

Maybe you want to be like Amazon and not name your business anything remotely related to what it does. Looka has an option for this, too. You can generate business names by abstract ideas (e.g., bold, fun, unique.) Or, maybe you want your business name to relate to your industry, but want the AI to give you some ideas. Looka lets you generate ideas without a keyword prompt—just choose an industry or category (e.g., animal rescue, bags, bookkeeping, etc.)

Key features of Looka:

  • Shows the potential search volume for each business name option
  • Can generate business names by abstract idea or concept
  • Can generate ideas by industry without a keyword prompt

Price: Free

looka business name generator

05. Namelix

Namelix is a business name generator that uses AI to create catchy and brandable names. You’ll need a keyword, phrase or business category as a prompt.

The tool gives users the ability to fine-tune their name search before providing results. Once you enter your keyword or phrase (e.g., “Garden design consultant in New York”), you’ll be prompted to select from one of eight styles that include things like brandable names, compound words and alternate spelling.

Depending on how direct you want your name to be, you can choose the level of randomness from low to high. Users then have the option to add a short one-sentence business description to inform the tool before generating names.

Namelix also gives users the ability to check domain availability and edit a custom logo design.

Key features of Namelix:

  • Fine-tunes your results by style, such as “evocative” or “alternate spelling”
  • Lets you select the level of randomness for name options
  • Users can edit a custom logo design

Price: Free

namelix business name generator

06. Renderforest

Renderforest’s business name generator analyzes the information you provide it with and uses AI to suggest company names and branding. It can help you find unique ,online store names, consulting business names and more. 

With this tool, you can describe your business concept with a natural-language query and the AI generates some unique and easy-to-brand names. A search for “candle retailer in New York” returned names like Lightworks, Glowhaven and Wickstreet.

The AI tool also creates a logo for each name. You can customize the logo elements (font, image, palette, etc.) but you’ll need to register on the website to download it.

As far as AI business name generators go, Renderforest is pretty bare-bones. The AI does come back with some catchy names, but you can’t fine-tune them once they’re generated. Additionally, you’ll need a tool like Wix’s domain name search to make sure there’s a comparable domain name available for the business name you select.

Key features of Renderforest:

  • Uses natural language queries to generate name options
  • Creates customizable logos and branding for each name (requires free registration to save)

Price: Free

Renderforest ai business name generator

07. Panabee

Panabee is an AI business name generator that allows you to generate ideas from two-word queries. Entering a phrase like “garden design” produces a list of AI-powered names related to the phrase (e.g., GardenGaze, BloomBeats, etc.) and also lets you know if the domain for the exact phrase (e.g., gardendesign.com) is available (it wasn’t). 

You can further refine your results by prepending or appending words and fragments (e.g., buy, get, ly, me, etc.) You can even remove or add rules like replacing “e” with “ee.”

The AI produces an interesting mix of business name ideas based on various factors like merging your two words together (Gariden, Denoger, etc.), backward spellings, replacement letters and appended endings (e.g., Designify). If nothing else, this can produce some hilarious suggestions.

Key features of Panabee:

  • Generates ideas from two-word queries
  • Lets you refine ideas with unique variations like backward spellings, replacement letters and merged words

Price: Free

Panabee business name generator

08. Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s free AI business name generator is a straightforward and simple tool. It offers several options for setting the parameters of your results; the tool lets you pick from an assortment of languages, industries and tones (right down to cheeky or grumpy) before prompting you to enter a description of your business and audience.

Your results are pretty limited, however, with only three options populated upon clicking “Generate Description.” You also do not get options for logos or have the ability to check for available domain names. Still, if you need a quick way to narrow down your list of ,best company names, it’s a launching point worth checking out.

Key feature of Hootsuite:

  • Unique input form narrows down ideas by language, category, tone, description of the business and description of the audience

Price: Free

hootsuite business name generator

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