7 website color trends that’ll be everywhere in 2024

Embrace the future with our 2024 website color trends to give your website a modern, cutting-edge look.

2024's website color trends

Just like how wearing all black or a strikingly bright pink can mirror your mood and personality, color trends as a whole often echo our collective reactions to the ever-changing world. In 2024, website color trends are no exception. They show a diverse response to significant changes in our surroundings. Some are leaning towards colors that pop with saturation to lift their spirits, while others find solace in calming neutrals or hues that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

When making a website, considering these color trends can really show that you’re in tune with the times and contributing to the ongoing dialogue. Wix designer Israel Baumgartner, a whiz in web design, notes, “Creatives have a unique opportunity to shape these times.” With his guidance, we’ve crafted a forecast that highlights the vibrant colors and earthy tones set to make a splash in 2024.

7 website color trends to consider when designing your website

  1. Luminous Red
  2. Metallic Gray
  3. Retro Burgundy
  4. Mud
  5. Poison Green
  6. Black and White
  7. Cobalt Blue

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01. Luminous Red

Our first website color trend is a shade of crimson you can’t miss: Luminous Red (#E94823). It’s giving Taylor Swift’s Red era. It’s giving Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime-show jumpsuit. It’s giving Sam Smith and Kim Petras matching the red carpet at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

“This season’s red is all about drama,” says Israel. “Bright and charismatic, this vivid, orange-tinted hue is enveloping everything from the body to the screen, shamelessly demanding our attention.”

We’re already seeing Luminous Red make a splash in graphic design, packaging, interior design and fashion. This show-stopping color begs for attention, no matter where it appears.

How to use Luminous Red on your website

“In branding, this vibrant shade makes products pop, helping them to stand out from the rest. It has a similar effect in web design, where red floods the screen as a daring replacement for neutrals,” Israel says.

Luminous Red can be strategically placed throughout your site to draw viewers’ eyes. As ideas: inject this bold color on your website through calls to action, buttons and even backgrounds.

luminous red is one of 2024's website color trends

02. Metallic Gray

With the next space race seemingly on the horizon, it’s no surprise that we turned to the skies for one of the most anticipated 2024 website color trends: Metallic Gray (#CACACA).

“Look up to the moon: Creators are using it to carve out new inspiration for designs and materials. Its lunar aura has brought a metallic, multi-textural aesthetic back to Earth, from granular gray to crinkled aluminum to star-like glitter. In today’s erratic world, this silver lining is more than welcome,” Israel says.

In fashion, interior and product design, Israel has noticed Metallic Gray being used in chrome furniture and reflective fabrics to give them a futuristic feel.

How to use Metallic Gray on your website

Metallic Gray is taking us where no one has gone before in website design. “Flat, gray backgrounds, once considered taboo or part of an unfinished wireframe, are now rising in popularity,” Israel says.

This extraterrestrial hue really comes to life in typography. “Fonts take this a step further, adding in richer shades and metallic 3D effects to make words stand out,” he adds. “It will be exciting to see where this lunar inspiration takes us next.”

metallic gray is one of 2024's website color trends

03. Retro Burgundy

If luminous red is akin to Taylor Swift’s Red era, then Retro Burgundy (#8C2B32) is reminiscent of her song “Maroon” from the Midnights album. This darker, more muted shade brings the drama in a different way than its more vibrant sister.

Retro Burgundy reminds us of a bottle of red wine, a shade of velvety lipstick and fall leaves. And although this hue is destined to be a website color trend in 2024, it comes with an air of nostalgia. “Warm, cozy and comforting, retro-inspired shades take us on a visual journey through time,” explains Israel.

How to use Retro Burgundy on your website

Color psychology has found that red makes people hungry. This red hue comes in a deep, calming tone, making retro burgundy the perfect choice for a restaurant’s or wine bar’s website.

Consider peppering in Israel’s runner-up predictions, Olive Green (#5D5C31) and Mustard Yellow (#EBB045), for a beautiful color palette of jewel tones.

retro burgundy is one of 2024's website color trends

04. Mud

Mud (#6F5D44) is messy, dirty, earthy and wet. Vogue France made it fashion in its September issue—arguably the most important issue of the year. Unlike the bold website color trends we’ve discussed so far, Mud is muted and natural. “Exposure brings hidden layers to the surface which visually come to life through earthy, natural tones,” says Israel.

How to use Mud on your website

Consider switching out neutrals on your website with Mud or Israel’s runner-up hue, Sand (#E5BB89). Pair Mud with warm accent colors (hello, Retro Burgundy) to bring out its true beauty. It’s most useful as a muted accent color or an easy-on-the-eyes backdrop.

Mud is one of 2024's website color trends

05. Poison Green

Whether it’s Shrek, Nickelodeon slime or Granny Smith apples, most of us have some kind of association with this electric, neon green. No matter if you love it, hate it, love to hate it or hate to love it, Poison Green (#A3EA71) makes a statement.

Israel says this hue—and runners-up Turquoise (#5FAFC9) and Pink (#FA64B5)—are part of a bigger dopamine-inducing color trend. “Bright, dopamine-inspired colors help counteract the gloomy fatigue we’ve been feeling,” he explains. “It is like a dopamine boost for the eyes, waking up our senses and providing an exciting new take on design.”

How to use Poison Green on your website

This fresh, vibrant shade of green is a perfect candidate for sustainability, nature, agriculture or design-related websites. One way to use this website color trend prominently without overwhelming visitors is to introduce it via photography, rather than purely through graphic or typographical elements on your site.

poison green is one of 2024's website color trends

Ready to hop on these website color trends? On Wix, you can easily change your site color theme preferences to apply the new color scheme to your entire site.

06. Black and White

How did this trend report take a sharp turn from bright and bold to basic? Israel says this classic website color scheme—Black (#F4F4F4) and White (#000000)—is a welcome reprieve from the maximalism we’re experiencing in our busy, post-lockdown lives. “All this drama and volume can be a bit much, so creatives are looking to Black and White to add a calming layer over the intensity,” he adds. “Black and White provide a minimalist answer to our maximalist world.”

How to use Black and White on your website

Even though this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Black and White online, in this maximalist context, it’s giving web designers an opportunity to experiment.

“Busy designs and oversized typography become calmer to the eye when expressed in these monochromatic shades,” says Israel. “This timeless style is an anchor for new and experimental trends. Black and White invite us to experiment with dramatic shapes, unusual shades and bold typography without getting too crazy.”

So, why not use an expressive font you may not use if your website was in full color? Or place text and images inside bulbous, organic shapes, rather than rigid grids. Go beyond the basics with Black and White.

Black and white is one of 2024's website color trends

07. Cobalt Blue

The icy and electric Cobalt Blue (#2628DD) will likely be all over our screens in 2024. The hue has already made waves on a recent Vogue Arabia cover, in which model Halima Aden wears the color from head to toe and poses in front of a textured Cobalt background. “This bold, energetic hue brings a unique depth and brilliance to everything from backgrounds to illustrations,” Israel says.

How to use Cobalt Blue on your website

This versatile shade can be ultra-modern or retro, depending on how you use it. Pair it with its complementary color, Yellow, for a nostalgic look, or use it as a solitary statement for a contemporary effect.

As a background color, this dramatic shade can be toned down with a White accent, like the Vogue cover illustrates. For a more subtle use of this electric hue, reserve Cobalt Blue for pops of color on buttons.

Cobalt Blue is one of 2024's website color trends

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