7 best website builders for artists

Check out this list of the best website builders for artists on the market.

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best website builders for artists

Being an artist in the 21st century isn’t easy (has it ever been?). Not only do you need to be creative and master your craft, but you also need to create a strong online presence for yourself. Your website serves as a digital gallery of your work. Making it inviting, easy to explore and aesthetically pleasing will encourage people to stay and learn more. How do you make a website if you’re not proficient in web design? The answer lies in choosing the right website builder—one that both simplifies the design process and supports your marketing efforts.

Our list of the eight best website builders for artists is designed to help you find the one that’s tailor-made for your creative business.

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7 best website builders for artists

  1. Wix
  2. SmugMug
  3. Format
  4. Weebly
  5. Pixpa
  6. FASO
  7. Zyro

01. Wix

Have you heard of palimpsest art? It’s a relatively new art form in which you transform a painting into something new. Think of using website templates as a form of palimpsest art—the challenge is to transform a template to make it your own. With near-limitless customization opportunities, AI features and templates for all types of websites, Wix is your playground. Want to add some flair with parallax scrolling or tweak the color scheme? Go for it. How about setting up a shop that offers both original pieces and print-on-demand merch? You got it. You can even add custom code with Wix Velo to really make it yours.

If you’re too busy to get your hands dirty, the art and illustration templates have enough personality and functionality to start with that you can simply upload your art and the platform will take care of the rest. If words aren’t your medium, there’s even an AI text creator that can write the copy for you. You can learn more about all the Wix AI tools in our post.

But a visually stunning website is just half the story. The other half is robust performance, and that’s another area where Wix shines. With two decades of continuous refinement, Wix boasts an infrastructure that is not only secure for you and your visitors but also lightning-fast and reliable.

If all that weren’t enough, Wix also has the marketing tools you need to get your art the visibility it deserves. With robust tools for SEO, email marketing, multichannel selling, advertising and even print on demand, Wix makes it easier for your target audience to find you. Plus, you can harness the power of Wix’s online payment and point-of-sale (POS) solutions to track both online and offline sales in one place.

Be inspired by these artist website examples, all built on Wix.

Price: Free plan available, as well as monthly premium plans starting at $16 per month. Annual plans available.

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Ready to have all these features at your fingertips? Learn how to create a photography website with Wix and sign up for a free account today.

Wix is one of the best website builders for artists

02. SmugMug

SmugMug is a specialized playground for photographers to display their work as vividly as they capture it. SmugMug understands that your photos aren’t just pixels on a screen—they’re your business, and often, your livelihood. That’s why it comes equipped with robust eCommerce features. Whether you’re selling digital downloads or custom-printed canvases, SmugMug handles the complexities of online transactions, freeing you to focus on creating stunning visual stories.

SmugMug additionally aims to preserve the integrity of your work, offering all subscribers unlimited storage with zero image compression. That means your photos remain as crisp and true-to-life as the moment you captured them, allowing you to display your art without compromise.

To simplify your workflow, SmugMug seamlessly integrates with Adobe Lightroom and photo platforms like Flickr, because as any photographer knows, the process doesn’t end once you’ve snapped that perfect shot.

Price: Monthly plans starting at $13 per month. Annual plans available.

Smugmug is one of the best website builders for artists

03. Format

Specializing as an art portfolio builder, Format flaunts features that are particularly important to illustrators and filmmakers, such as copyright protection and integrated video hosting.

Illustrators, with Format you can effortlessly sell art online without having to pay commission fees. Format also takes care of printing and shipping your digital illustrations, so you can sell physical offerings like canvas wraps, metal prints and more. Another option: you can choose to participate in Format’s Artist Marketplace, a curated platform of artwork with global reach. The best part is, Format handles all the marketing and sales for you.

As for filmmakers, Format doesn’t skimp on the essentials. You can upload a generous 10GB of video clips, as well as tap into its integrated video hosting. Avoid the hassle of embedding videos from other platforms; Format ensures a streamlined and professional look for your portfolio.

What’s more, every plan comes standard with robust copyright protection, so you can display your masterpieces without a second thought about unauthorized use. And if you’re eyeing business expansion, Format’s Pro and Pro Plus plans let you set up a full-fledged online store on your site. It’s a comprehensive package, making Format a popular for illustrators and filmmakers looking to showcase their work and grow their business.

Price: Monthly plans starting at $10 per month. Annual plans available.

Format is one of the best website builders for artists

04. Weebly

If you’ve ever participated in a craft fair or art show, you know that “cash only” is the best way to scare away customers. Today, people expect a variety of payment options, and that’s where Square comes in. Known as a popular POS system for businesses on the move, Square’s acquisition of Weebly in 2018 elevated Weebly from an ordinary website builder to a comprehensive sales platform for artists who sell their work in various settings.

By using Weebly for your online presence and Square for your in-person transactions, you can make sure that your inventory and sales data are synced, no matter where you sell your art. So, whether you make a sale on your website or at a local art show, your inventory and financials will be automatically updated. This level of integration eliminates the need for manual updates, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up more of your time to focus on your art.

Price: Free plan available, as well as paid monthly plans starting at $10 per month. Annual plans available.

Weebly is one of the best website builders for artists

05. Pixpa

As an artist, your work often speaks for you, and Pixpa gets that. Pixpa helps you create a strong portfolio website by offering a range of customizable, visually striking templates that allow you to showcase your art in the best light possible.

As with other website builders in this list, Pixpa understands that artists are entrepreneurs. That’s why they offer an integrated eCommerce platform designed to help you sell your art directly from your website.

Have clients who need private galleries? Pixpa enables password-protected galleries where you can share works-in-progress or client-specific collections securely. This makes the platform ideal for photographers, designers or anyone who needs to provide restricted access to a selected audience.

What about growing your audience? Pixpa offera built-in SEO and marketing tools that help make sure people find you and not just another artist when they search online.

Price: Monthly plans starting at $8 per month. One-year and two-year plans also available.

Pixpa  is one of the best website builders for artists

06. FASO

FASO is tailored to painters and sculptors who want to break into the online art market. Picture your website as an elegant, virtual gallery where collectors and enthusiasts can stroll through the digital corridors, eyes widening at every masterpiece you’ve created. FASO helps you turn that vision into reality.

Beyond this, FASO offers tools engineered to close sales. Ever browsed art online and wondered, “How would this painting look in my living room?” FASO erases that uncertainty with its innovative “View in Room” feature. This lets prospective buyers virtually “hang” your artwork in their own space, giving them a real sense of how it will fit into their world.

FASO’s Automated Marketing Platform additionally pushes your art to an expansive network of more than 70,000 collectors, galleries and art aficionados. Furthermore, FASO helps you establish a brand newsletter to keep your fan base updated on your latest works, upcoming exhibitions and latest insights.

So, if you’re a painter or sculptor looking to not only showcase but also sell your art online, FASO offers a well-rounded platform tailored to your needs. From visualizing art in a room to marketing your pieces to a wide audience, FASO equips you with the tools to turn your passion into profit.

Price: Monthly plans starting at $15 per month. Annual plans available.

FASO is one of the best website builders for artists

07. Zyro

Zyro is an affordable option for the artists seeking simple, yet sleek, websites that come with the essential tools for showcasing their work and selling art online.

Like other platforms listed in this article, with Zyro’s payment processing, you can accept credit and debit card payments from more than 40 countries right out of the box. Options like Google Pay and Apple Pay are readily available, simplifying the usually daunting task of configuring payment options.

In addition to this, Zyro doesn’t charge any transaction fees; 100% of your store’s profits stay in your pocket, and all this is accessible even with their base plan.

All Zyro websites are mobile-responsive and come equipped with helpful AI features. You can use its AI Image Upscaler to enhance your snapshots for your website, or its AI heatmap to understand activity on your site (as examples).

Price: Monthly plans starting at $11.99 per month. One-year and two-year plans also available.

Zyro is one of the best website builders for artists

Editor’s note: all prices are current as of October 27, 2023.

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