17 unique real estate logos (+ tips on how to design your own)

Check out 17 unique real estate logo examples to provide you with inspiration for your own.

Real estate logo example for CabinMove including business card

From agents expanding outside their local communities, to facilitating transactions online—the real estate industry continues to grow and evolve. But with high interest rates and the impact of recession, 2023 may be a challenging year. Needless to say, making sure your agency stands out is a crucial factor in keeping up with today’s competition.

One valuable asset for promoting your agency is designing a logo to stamp on your website, business cards, social media accounts and more. More eyes on your real estate logo means more eyes on your brand—giving audiences the chance to recognize your agency and become more familiar with its services.

If you’re a real estate agent who has yet to create a logo—or, you’re thinking of refreshing your current one—keep reading. Tech logos are not the only logos out there! We’ll look at the many benefits of making an effective real estate logo, as well as 17 unique real estate logo examples to provide you with inspiration. Use a Real Estate Logo Maker after you peruse the list to create your own.

What is a real estate logo?

A real estate logo is a visual mark that real estate companies use to quickly convey who they are, what they do and what they’re all about. The logo is an important part of a company’s branding and will visually represent the brand everywhere it goes: Real estate websites. Newsletters. Social media accounts. Digital and print ads. Billboards. Business cards. Everywhere.

Why is your real estate logo so important?

Since a logo is often the first interaction with your brand, it’s important that it makes a positive impression on visitors. A poorly designed real estate logo can lead audiences to make negative assumptions or associations about your business. For example, if it’s too small or blurry to read, too unoriginal or bland, many people will wonder how those negative characteristics reflect on your business.

What makes a good real estate logo design?

The key to good logo design and what makes famous logos really work is to pick a style that reflects the personality and purpose of your agency. It’s also essential to create a real estate logo that endures—one that will grow and evolve with your business.

Here’s how to start with the basics:

Before you start, consider diving into logo psychology to learn how certain stylistic choices can influence audiences’ emotional response to your brand identity. These insights can help leverage your design to increase positive responses, improve brand recognition, build trust and ultimately close more deals.

There are many types of logos to choose from for your real estate business, including:

  • Lettermarks (or monograms): Typography-only logos for a company that uses an acronym for its name
  • Wordmarks (or logotypes): Typography-only logos that spell out the full company name
  • Pictorial marks: Icon-only logos
  • Combination marks: Include both typography and a pictorial element
  • Emblems: Include the name of the company within a brand or seal shape
Wix Logo Maker real estate logo ideas page

Take a look at some real estate logo ideas for some inspiration to get started.

17 best real estate logos

As you’ll see below, there are lots of ways to design a unique and effective real estate logo. Some of the best logos take an unconventional approach, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a design that goes against the status quo in the real estate industry.

If you’re looking for inspiration for how to design a logo for your real estate business, check out these hand-picked examples:

  1. BRiX
  2. Coldwell Banker
  3. Common
  4. Curbio
  5. Deeded
  6. Dwellcome
  7. Greystar
  8. HYVE
  9. Lincoln Property Company
  10. National Association of Realtors
  11. NextGen Realty
  12. Palm Beach Vacation Rentals
  13. Parkbench
  14. REMAX
  15. Showami
  16. Smothers & Falk Realty Group
  17. Zillow

01. BRiX

BRiX’s real estate logo is sure to stand out amongst the pool of real estate agencies in Montreal. The lettermark design offers surprises at every turn: a rugged-looking font, a lowercase “i” in the middle of caps letters, and half of the composition turned on its side. BRiX’s logo marches to the beat of its own drum, staying true to the model if this community-oriented business.

Brix real estate logo example

02. Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker’s real estate logo is, for the most part, a stylistically simple wordmark. But the design also incorporates a unique symbol into the left side of the composition, using its initials combined with an elegant star. Not only does this icon make it more memorable, but Coldwell Banker can use the adaptation without the full brand name in design asset with less space, such as website favicon.

Coldwell Banker real estate logo

03. Common

Common uses minimalist logo as the perfect way to reflect the personality of their c0-living space business. While the elbow-shaped icon could be interpreted as an abstract visualization of the letter “C,” it’s also an explicit nod to the geometric shapes used when designing apartment floor plans.

Common real estate logo example

04. Curbio

Curbio’s wordmark logo is colorful, using a deep green color for its letters, with a contrasting red dot over the “i” that also serves as a clever placement for imagery of a house. The choice of a rounded sans serif font gives a modern vibe that gives audiences the feel that Curbio’s housing solution is anything but ordinary.

curbio real estate logo example

05. Deeded

Take a second look at the final “E” in Deeded‘s real estate logo, and you’ll notice it resembles a window pane. This out-of-the box decision adds a trendy touch while evoking a sense of home. The company values transparency, simplicity and security—promises that are represented by the logo’s bold sans serif font, and warm color palette.

Deeded real estate logo example

06. Dwellcome

From the cute sans serif font to the purple heart-shaped icon, Dwellcome’s real estate logo feels friendly and welcoming. A closer look at the icon reveals shapes that are common to an apartment floor plan or map. It also includes a geolocation marker shape, hinting to the neighborhood guides Dwellcome uses to welcome new residents.

Dwellcome real estate logo with purple heart and black text

07. Greystar

International developer Greystar’s classic real estate logo is perfect for the organization, as it conveys strength and sophistication. Including the company’s tagline is an extra design element that solidifies the message to prospective renters or buyers.

Greystar real estate logo

08. HYVE

Simple and strong, Wix user HYVE’s real estate logo has an understated elegance. While HYVE’s all-caps design is the highlight of this composition, your text-only logo can also make use of unusual combinations to create a unique design. Also noteworthy is the way HYVE uses negative space to give their logo balance.

Tip: If you’re thinking about a text only logo, check out these text logo ideas for some guidance and inspiration.

Hyve real estate group company logo

09. Lincoln Property Company

The real estate logo for Lincoln Property Company has power built right into it. If you visit their website, you’ll see what we mean. The font is a strong, smart serif that’s used to spell out their agency’s name, styled in small caps. To add a layer of depth, the alignment of the words is intentionally skewed.

Lincoln propery company real estate logo

10. National Association of Realtors

In this real estate logo, the name of the organization, National Association of Realtors, sits beside a unique icon with the letter “R.” By matching the blue color of this pictorial mark with the “R” in the “Realtors,” the logo draws a connection between the two elements—undoubtedly whelping people remember what the “R” stands for when they see it.

National Association of Realtors logo example

11. NextGen Realty

The first element we notice in NextGen Realty’s logo is the abstract symbol made up from the brand’s initials. This is always a good thing to add onto a logo when the company name is long and won’t always fit within compact spaces. The sleek design includes a filtered image of a building in the background, making it a logo that people are sure to remember and associate with real estate.

NextGen Realty real estate logo example

12. Palm Beach Vacation Rentals

The real estate logo for Palm Beach Vacation Rentals is proof that you don’t need a serious exterior in order to work in real estate. It all depends on what kind of real estate you do, as well as the area in which you operate. In this case, the hand-drawn sunshine icon, bright yellow and blue color scheme, and upbeat cursive font send major relaxation vibes to vacationing renters.

Palm Beach vacation rentals real estate logo

13. Parkbench

Parkbench is a unique company that helps local professionals connect with their community. Their combination mark logo has more elements than most, but each has a strategic purpose. First, the blue and white icon features an image of a bench inside of a speech bubble, already giving the impression that Parkbench’s service has something to do with community and communication. Additionally, including their tagline, “Get to know your neighborhood,” provides viewers with more context for what exactly is offered by the company.

parkbench.com real estate logo


REMAX has been around for a long time and has undergone a number of logo redesign transformations. For instance, the logo originally had the word “RE/MAX” inside of a hot air balloon. Today, it’s more modern, and the bright red lettering and blue forward slash are all that remain. The current design of the logo is simple, strong, and straightforward.

REMAX real estate logo

15. Showami

We love how Showami’ real estate logo cleverly combines a house icon with the universally known at-sign (@). Since this is an online service that helps real estate agents find someone to show their properties when they’re unavailable, the @ symbol is relevant, creative, and effectively reinforces Showami’s services and mission.

Showami real estate logo

16. Smothers & Falk Realty Group

Smothers & Falk Realty Group’s logo uses an emblem to add some flare to the real estate agency’s full name. The intricate compass symbol in the center is beautifully designed, and placed in a way that doesn’t make the composition feel too cramped or small. Overall, the real estate logo suggests that the agency is can be depended on to help Minnesota buyers navigate the market, and find the home of their dreams, in the location of their dreams.

Smothers and Falk Realty group emblem logo

17. Zillow

Zillow’s blue house icon is bisected by a white zigzag shape resembling the letter “Z.” While seeing a house icon on logos across social media, advertisements and the web might not ring any bells—this distinction will certainly be recognized by customers who encounter Zillow in their search for the right real estate agent.

Zillow real estate logo

How to choose a color for your real estate logo

Choosing the right colors for your real estate logo is crucial for conveying the desired brand message and attracting your target audience. Here are some guidelines for selecting colors that effectively represent your real estate business:

  1. Understand color psychology: Familiarize yourself with the subconscious associations and symbolism of different colors. Consider how various colors evoke specific emotions and influence consumer perception.
  2. Align colors with brand personality: Choose colors that align with your brand’s core values, personality traits and target audience. For instance, if your brand emphasizes trustworthiness and stability, consider using blue or green. If you want to project a modern and sophisticated image, black or gray might be appropriate.
  3. Consider cultural context: Be mindful of cultural interpretations of colors, as certain colors may have different meanings or connotations in different cultures. For example, red is associated with luck and prosperity in some cultures while it represents danger or warning in others.
  4. Create color harmony: Select colors that work well together and create a visually appealing and balanced palette. Consider using complementary colors, analogous colors or triadic color schemes to achieve visual harmony.
  5. Ensure legibility: Ensure your color choices provide adequate contrast and legibility, especially when used with text or against different backgrounds. Avoid color combinations that are hard to read or cause visual strain.
  6. Test and refine: Once you have a color palette in mind, test it with your target audience to gauge their reactions and ensure the colors effectively communicate your brand message. Gather feedback and make adjustments as needed.

Here are some specific color suggestions for real estate logos and their associated meanings:

  • Blue: Trustworthiness, stability, security and professionalism
  • Green: Growth, prosperity, nature, harmony and environmental consciousness
  • Black: Sophistication, elegance, luxury, authority and power
  • Gray: Modernity, neutrality, balance, professionalism and reliability
  • White: Cleanliness, purity, simplicity, freshness and openness
  • Yellow: Optimism, cheerfulness, warmth, creativity and energy
  • Red: Passion, excitement, energy, bold and attention-grabbing
  • Orange: Friendliness, enthusiasm, creativity, warmth and approachability

Color choices should be part of a cohesive brand identity that aligns with your overall messaging and target audience. Use color psychology and design principles to create a logo that effectively represents your real estate business and resonates with potential clients.

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