1+1=3: The added value of strategic partnerships

Ilan Shaki shares the value of strategic partnerships to create new pathways to success.

Strategic partnerships with Ilan Shaki

While some partnerships are purely transactional, the best ones come from two forward-thinking enterprises teaming up to create added value for their joint customer bases. By bringing together ecosystems, thoughtfully integrating products and creating seamless user experiences, businesses can provide a truly maximized offering to their customers.

And in addition to the impact on customers, a strong partnership means increased retention, acquisition and revenue for the brand. It can even positively affect productivity and company culture—creating new pathways to success.

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In the case of Wix’s B2B channel partnerships, brands can provide their SMB customers with Wix’s leading web creation platform as a fully co-branded offering. This empowers companies to steadily fuel their own business growth while satisfying multiple customer needs at once. With 75% of global trade flowing indirectly, more and more brands are embracing the channel partnerships business model.

Enterprises that offer the dynamic Wix platform are giving their SMB customers the tools they need to create a complete online presence and thrive in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. Wix empowers 258M+ users worldwide, with 1.5M average new users per month. The platform offers AI assistance to get SMBs online fast, and provides built-in solutions for any type of business, from eCommerce businesses to service providers and hospitality. SMBs can sell their products online, take appointments, utilize omni-channel marketing and much more.

Tip: As your customers ,start their businesses and expand online, a ,business website can fast-track their growth.

Wix dynamic platform

In order to cater to SMBs with the right intent at the right moment, the Wix Channels team works hand-in-hand with enterprises to custom-integrate Wix directly into their own funnels and flows. This allows the enterprise to increase website builder sales and ultimately maximize SMB eCommerce website and online store creation. Leveraging cross-team expertise, Wix Channels develops a unique full funnel partnership strategy with the business partner in order to analyze flows, create advanced integrations and marketing opportunities, and continually optimize processes with the goal of driving business growth.

Any type of business servicing SMBs can develop a Wix partnership and create added value for customers. From SaaS digital solutions to design and printing services, Wix can be customized to the business offering and integrated into the funnel. Enterprises can offer Wix’s drag & drop editor directly to customers to make creating a website quick and intuitive, or they can offer professional website design services and create custom websites for clients. Either way, offering SMBs a complete online presence from the outset serves to naturally meet their needs.

Enterprise and SaaS companies serving any stage of the SMB lifecycle can provide Wix products to customers in a seamless, combined offer:

  • Online directories
  • Legal services
  • Insurance, accounting and payroll
  • Design and printing services
  • Banks, payment providers and fintech

…and many more.

“As Wix continues to evolve both their business and their products, we believe we can offer our customers the best website products on the market.”

Sherilyn King, Senior Vice President of Sales at Yellow Pages Canada (Pages Jaunes)

For enterprises that opt to create sites for clients, the partnership can bring on a serious shift in company productivity, and even culture. Working with Wix’s leading tech platform has helped enterprises welcome a new age of digital transformation. As the enterprise advances into the world of websites and digital business solutions, they upskill staff in-house with training provided directly by Wix experts. And by leveraging core platform features like web design templates, AI tools and Wix business solutions, teams have been able to reduce fulfillment time, allowing them to service more customers.

Beyond website creation, Wix offers advanced site analytics that can provide deep insights about customers’ businesses—insights an enterprise channel can leverage. Since the SMB acquires Wix solutions via the enterprise, the enterprise gains visibility into certain parts of their customers’ online business performance. By analyzing this data, an enterprise can better understand the SMB’s needs and which solutions would be the best fit. For example, if a customer’s traffic is increasing, an enterprise may want to suggest a CRM solution from Wix or one of Wix’s trusted third-party vendors.

Drive growth with data

True partnership means dedicated, ongoing collaboration and guidance. With nearly 20 years of experience providing cutting-edge technology to small businesses, Wix pours its expertise into nurturing a successful partnership. From technical product integrations led in cooperation with top Solutions Engineers, to hands-on training with experienced Success Managers and comprehensive guidance from Marketing professionals, Wix provides support throughout the entire partnership lifecycle.

When it comes to partnership, two halves don’t make a whole. Rather, two leading brands can come together to create an innovative offering with new value in the market—benefiting both the shared customer base and the business partners alike. Who knows where the right partnership can take your business.

Learn how a ,channel partnership with Wix can drive growth for your business and your SMB customers.

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