The Sexual Benefits Of Running And How You Can Run Faster Marathon Times

Hey guys! I get so many questions about my running gear, so I figured I’d save it here for you. Furthermore, you will find here also the important benefits of running for the sexual life likewise the benefits of participating in the Marathons.



One of my favorite things about running is it’s a pretty cheap hobby. The only thing you really NEED to get started running is a pair of running shoes. I do highly, highly recommend going to a reputable running store to be sized for the correct pair of shoes. This will allow you to try on multiple pairs and find a pair that feels perfect for you. My running shoes are seriously the most comfortable shoes I own by 1000x. Even if you’re just running for 2 miles a week, you’ll run farther and/or faster if you have the right foundation. If you’re planning to train for a race, this is a must in my book. It’s the first step to prevent injury.



There are many options to use for GPS tracking and to keep track of how much you’re running. The easiest is a phone app such as nike+ run club and mapmyrun. Boz likes to use mapmyrun to plan out distance runs so that he doesn’t have to turn around.

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know that I started with the apple watch and have now changed to the garmin.

Ultimately, the apple watch is a great watch for short distance running, but the battery is not strong enough for long distance runs. I personally have the garmin 645 without music which I love. It keeps track of my entire life including miles ran each week, daily caloric burn, heart rate, VO2 max, sleep quality, and training intensity. I highly, highly recommend it.

Arm band / waist band

This will allow you to carry your phone without risk of dropping it. I switched from an armband to a waistband  with the iphone 7 plus due to the size of the phone. I’ve been using flipbelt for over a year and love it. It stays in place during runs and I honestly forget I’m wearing it. It also holds my keys and water on long runs.

To make the subject even more beneficial, we will discuss here 2 important points as follows:


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Happy running!


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